Sooo... I didn't have much time to give you a prezi with nice graphics, but I thought you could help me out* with the drawings at least!

So I made this site you can draw on!

Try it and do your best, this is your moment of glory!

*BTW have you ever heard of the Benjamin Franklin effect? Not that I would do something like that ;)

About Me

My name is Péter Kadlót. I am a creative technologist.

Currently I am a programmer at Trouva and do stuff at OSKantine while I study computer science at ELTE. I am involved and interested in many things, like "stupid robots", social science simulations, fine arts, hijacking space and startuping.

Here are some possibly random examples of what I have done:


A diorama where you can try out a pessimist an optimist and a realist person's viewpoint.

Made in 2006, exhibited at the Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest.


A mashup of ustream, irc and paypal. Made in 2010 to help streamers collect donations, right from the chat.

Turns out taking "right from the chat" literally is not that good for the UX. Also I am guilty in using Lobster and node.js in production when it was around v0.2

Thunder Lady

Officially the 2nd stupidest robot in Europe. Made in 2011 for Bacarobo to locate and jump into all the rain puddles you don't have time for.

Here's how it works:

Use the most sophisticated algorithm you know to seek for a healthy, but dirty and wet enough puddle.

Found? Really? No problem, jump!

No puddles around? (usually the case at theater stages) Then pull up the rainmaking umbrella and start a storm under it.

Optional flashes.


The app of loci

At the first Startup Weekend Budapest ever, experimented and made a learning app that combines the method of loci with a map, street view and some other mnemonic techniques to teach you foreign words.

Learned: Some Chinese words with 80% retention. Forgot: to develop a business model...


A mobile app for real estate agents.

A second phonebook just for your clients, so you can see who is calling and what they want before answering. A calendar/todo list, so you will know when. Plus on the spot picture taking, data collecting, floorplan drawing and price predictions.

Won the second Startup Weekend Budapest, then pitched at Seedcamp Berlin.

...and some more recent ones:


A project of Budapest Farmers Hack

A community garden of peas and a net connected sensor of light, temperature and humidity.

Glitches & Textiles

Chromosonic is an animated thermochromic textile, envisioning interactive textile designs of the future.

Shape changin materials

Super secret programmable volumetric pixels.


Did some nice drawings?

You know my mail, send me a screenshot! I will be so happy!